2015: New Year Proclamations!!!!

From the window of my room at the Renaissance hotel in Hong Kong.
From the window of my room at the Renaissance hotel in Hong Kong.

It’s 2015!  It has been for 17 days, I know.  But, I had previously been in a funk over the setbacks humanity has been experiencing on the journey toward peace.

Since I’ve last written, verdicts have come in a couple of crucial cases-Michael Brown and Eric Garner- which have led to riots, protesting and the discovery of some latent and deep seeded racism in some places and people that weren’t as apparent before.

It’s been kind of a bummer.

But, now that that has had a moment to set in and I’ve come to the conclusion that everything happening now is a necessary step moving us closer to honesty and possibly a better understanding of one another, I’m much better.

So now, I feel excited and empowered to make my new year proclamations…

This year will be better than last year.

This year will be full of hard, but rewarding  and exciting work.

This year will be a harvest for some seeds sown all throughout last year and before.

This year will bring a greater understanding of the past, it’s effects on the present and how it will shape the dreams of tomorrow.

This year I will grow more loving, giving, beautiful and peaceful because that’s what’s inside already.

These are my proclamations.  Now they’re out in the universe!

Thank God and amen.

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