Happy Holidays!

As I post this…

The kids are running throughout the house laughing  and screaming. Their father, the tickle monster is giving chase and I am comfily curled up in a cozy chair watching it all go down…

It’s a friday afternoon.  My favorite day of the week, because it’s the only day that has a slower afternoon into evening schedule…

I don’t have to rush to do homework, there isn’t any today..

I don’t have to think about cooking today.  We’ve already agreed on pizza…yum!

And I can focus on what my weekend should or might include..

Because it’s so close to the holiday, my crazy schedule is finally beginning to slow.  I can plan out my last bit of shopping or just sit here and enjoy my tree with a glass of wine…while the world and my girls whiz by….

The world, the crazy world…where everything is not right, but everything is alright has taught me how important it is to find your own moments of zen.

I hope you can find yours during this season….

Peace and love.

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!


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