I'm red and braided!
I’m red and braided!
We are halfway through the Spanish leg of the Sirope Tour and Everything feels good!@
So I’m taking a minute to breathe and be thankul for all I have…My family and friends, health, ┬ámy own definition of wealth, love and ideas….
I’m happy for every progressive step taken towards the completion of those ideas, however slow the process may seem at times.
Yes, my gratitude at this moment is a little pre-emptive….
There are things I’m putting out into the universe and I am hoping for great returns….
My color right now is red…for Spain, for passion and desires that are strong enough to manifest in the most amazing ways.
Onward and upward
Peace and Love

2 thoughts on “Sirope!”

  1. Great woman! Currently I have been seeing in youtube Seville Concert, and I felt in love with the duo with Alejandro “in the paradise”, after that I googled your name “Sara” and discovered your second name, and this blog. After read some post, definitely I can say that you’re great!
    I’ll expect to meet you in any concert…
    God blessed you and your family!

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