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Jump, Jump, Jump!


Once upon a time, Ella was on the boat singing about jumping.  I overheard her pretending to encourage and receive encouragement from her friend, who was absent at the time.  “You just gotta go!”, she said breathlessly as prepared herself for the daring  jump down the stairs.

I didn’t like the fact that she was jumping (even though I knew she would most likely maintain a reasonable level of safety, since we only have three short steps from the upper level to our boat’s lower level). Still, I couldn’t interrupt her just then.  The laughter of my two girls and the melody I could hear forming in Ella’s song just made me stand there and quietly listen.

Rest assured, however, that when I started to ask her to sing it over again, she stopped jumping on her own.  At first she was annoyed, by my interruption and then, slowly she became psyched by the idea of her song and our own group and videos, etc…

Today she is super excited, just like me to share our first video.  It’s called ‘Jump, jump jump‘ and she has named the band, Rainbow Flowers!  We have lots more to come, but in the meantime please enjoy!



Sara and Ella

90’s Heartbreak!

There’s a finger snap, then I feel the beginning of heartbreak with the first few bars.  The chords remind me of high school, when everything was confusing, desperate and heartbreaking.

And when Luther Vandross begins to “oo-oo-ooh, yeah…”, At the beginning of ‘For You To Love,’ you know it’s about to be sad.

Then, even though I wasn’t trying to find a Luther Vandross song, as I sit in bed, in the darkness, with my headphones on listening to the music I didn’t know I had on my iphone,   I’m a prisoner to him now!  I can’t change once I hear his voice.  He was special that way.   And this song is just one of those songs that was sad years ago, but as I reminisce on it now, I’m happy.  I can’t help but smile as it evokes memories that helped me grow and become the me that I am today.

Bonnie Raitt sang I Can’t Make You Love Me (if you don’t), which I first heard on my prom night, in the limo, on my way home from the party.  I was there with the guy who invited me to the prom and with the girlfriend whom I invited-whether he wanted me to or not!!  A pitiful, great time.

I also had the  ShaniaTwain Album around that time, and The Woman in Me, lives right up there, on this alley of sadness, as well.  She beautifully lays her cards on the table, telling him she needs him.  Does he deliver?  I don’t know, but Shania delivers her song well.


Then there’s this beautiful woman.  Whitney Houston sang Living For the Love of You in that same era.  Now, you might rebut that this is not a sad song, but isn’t it?  To be living for the love of that one person.   There’s got to be more to a person than just waiting for and pining for some other person, no?  A goal, a need to help somebody else, moments alone for you own improvement, perhaps.  I’m just saying..


With the persistence of Luther’s pleas….I find myself asking that person he has come to see….won’t you open the door?!  just open the door.  There’s a hurricane, for heaven’s sake!  Let him in, with his satiny smooth voice. 

He might give you your favorite, unexpected, carried-away moment of the week.  I think he was mine!

Did you love Luther too?  Leave me a comment…