5 Days to Hong Kong!

Ni Hao Everyone!

I am on my way to Hong Kong for a gig with Louie Vega, in promotion our song ‘Fabulous.’ So, among the things on my “to do” list is to wean my 18 month old baby, Olivia. I can practically hear my friends rejoicing now, “Hallelujah, the day has come! No longer will we be subjected the idea of Sara’s loose boob in our midst while we tell our jokes and drink our wine!” Well, ladies I am proud to announce that it is actually happening this week. A few days ago we began nursing only at night time, which means that she can still roll over and pull out her favorite boob to nurse while we both continue sleeping. Yes, we are still co-sleeping. (More about those reasons why later.) Anyway, my plan is to reduce the night time feedings to only one night time feeding over the next couple of days. Then, when I leave she will have had two days of only one feeding.
I admit this plan is not the best and I certainly should have started the process earlier, but at least I’m doing it now. And I’m actually surprised at how she copes with these changes. She’s a trooper! She cries about it and then allows whatever distraction I introduce. The crying fits get shorter and shorter every day. Who would’ve thought my demanding baby would be this easy! Now if only I could get rid of the engorgement phase! Yikes!

How’d you handle yours? Leave me a comment!

Thomas teaches A Dinosaur!

Photo on 2014-04-12 at 18.00
Attention all! Thomas and I are building a site here!

And I feel like a dinosaur! My ears hear new words, from a new era, birthed from Silicon and Carbon Gods! Maybe that’s too dramatic, but the definitions are just that foreign to me now.
He tells me I can do it, then my fingers move ever so slowly to fulfill his commands. “Create a new tab for this page, Sara! Upload a new photo for that, Sara!” “Okay, okay,” I think to myself. But this is not a Bob Fosse choreographed piece! Why am I doing the ‘jazz hands’ dance now? Oh that’s fear,trepidation! My brain and my shaking fingers are thinking in two different rhythms.
A reluctant little dinosaur in a brave new world!
But I will be brave, because there is hope for me. After all, there was a girl who was given 3 dinosaur eggs as a gift, thousands of years after they were laid. They were just for beauty, because dinosaurs no longed lived in her time, of course. But one day those eggs hatched and those dinosaurs seem to be fine in that brand new era! Wait a minute! That story is from ‘Game of Thrones’ isn’t it? And they were Dragon eggs, weren’t they? Ugh!

Oh well, there goes my hope!

Thank you to Thomas Foyer at www.intendedimmigration.com

Welcome to my new blog!

I am starting my own blog!

Please come back often and watch it grow with my writing, music, videos and lots more!

Thanks for stopping by!


PS.: You can still access my previous website here.