It’s time to Clean House

They're ready, but am I?
They’re ready, but am I?

Recently we had a friend visit us with their kids in tow.  As they had just moved to the area, my husband decided to give them a tour of our home with its renovations to possibly inspiration for their own projects down the road.

After seeing my daughter’s room and then heading downstairs to the basement, one of their children very clearly and comfortably announced, “this is a messy house!” Immediately his parents tried to correct his behavior as they apologized.

“No big deal, he’s just a kid”, we said and we all laughed it off.  But later as I reflected on what he said, I realized that he was right!  Because I had been working Saturdays and Sundays singing, while I was still getting into the groove of life with a kindergartner and an almost 2-yr old every weekday!  That includes making breakfast, packing lunch boxes, preparing lunch for the younger one, helping with homework, making dinner, washing dishes,  sweeping the floor, overseeing bathtime, having story time, refereeing the fights that occur during playtime…and then some!  Seriously, its tiring just to type it!

I love my little germ magnets!!
I love my little germ magnets!!

On top of that, I was fighting a cold, brought home to me by my little school girl!

I would ask for some slack, but you know the story, a woman’s work…yada, yada!  I probably wouldn’t get any slack.

Instead, I asked for energy, better time management and restored health.  Then I heard this today  (on the Today show) and at least it inspired me, with it’s small steps to keep the house cleaner and try to keep everyone well!

Take a break and Enjoy.   (And don’t forget to get your rest, because none of this can get done if we don’t feel well!)

Happy End of Summer

It's almost Fall!
It’s almost Fall!


4 thoughts on “It’s time to Clean House”

  1. This really made me smile. I can speak freely because you’ve seen my apartment. Lol. So, this morning, as I was walking to the door, heading to work, I looked around and saw little clusters of messes. I was already late to work so I made a plan in my mind of what I would clean when I got back home this evening. But, come on who has the energy to clean after a long day of work?

    It is ongoing. Thanks for making me smile today. Your home is LOVELY!!!

  2. Hi Sara
    Just love your rendition of ‘Call On Me’

    You and the track are world class

    Love to have you perform at my exclusive NYE party this year at my large estate home in south Liverpool England

    Let me know if possible and fee for a 60-90 minute spot

    Hope you go from strength to strength

    Best wishes
    Harvey Harrison

    1. Well, that sounds awesome. You should find me on facebook and message me. I can give you email and all sorts of info from there. Thanks for stopping by.

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