Our Day at the Zoo

We love the Bronx Zoo!

w/ Kaulyn Whitmore
The Ciros Going to the Zoo!

We have been to zoos in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Santiago,Chile, Bogota, Colombia, Mexico City and San Diego.  Of course, I’ve been to Little Rock  Zoo and  we’ve been to our local zoo in Bergen County as well as the Central Park Zoo.  There are probably  even more zoos that I just can’t remember now, but the one zoo that always tops our list is the Bronx Zoo.  I would say it is our favorite in the world.

“The Bronx Zoo is located in the Bronx borough of New York City, within Bronx Park. It is the world’s largest metropolitan zoo, with some 6,000 animals representing about 650 species from around the world.” -Wikipedia.

A Bronx Zoo Zebra
A Bronx Zoo Zebra

Wednesday’s are free admission days, so because we have a membership there, we try to avoid those days.  They are always too crowded with tremendous lines for the 4-d theater, the monorail, the carousel, the seasonal camel rides, the butterfly zone and especially the current featured exhibit, at the moment this is the Dinosaur Safari.  I once waited on that line for a least an hour without the use of my stroller!  Not fun!

So the best times to go are weekdays, when everyone else is at work and school.  Today was one of those days for us.  Ella, our 5 yr. old, woke up this morning with a little stomach bug so we kept her home from school.  As she began to feel better and able to step away from the bathroom for a while, we began to wonder what we might do with the rets of our day.  It only took a minute for the Bronx Zoo to pop into our heads and because my niece happens to be visiting it was an even better idea.

Gorilla mother and baby, Bronx Zoo.
Gorilla mother and baby, Bronx Zoo.

We just love to share our zoo with our visiting family and friends.  It’s a great way to get exercise and enjoy the people you love, while learning about, seeing, and helping to protect some beautiful animals at the same time.  If you’re visiting the area, check it out!  If you’re lucky enough to live here, but hadn’t been in a while, maybe it’s time to go visit again!

Enjoying our Zoo Day!
Enjoying our Zoo Day!

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4 thoughts on “Our Day at the Zoo”

  1. I always enjoy these days most of all with my family. I am from the Bronx so I have watched this place change into the amazing place that it has become. Thanks for posting these pics and your wonderful description honey.

  2. You whet my appetite! I have not been to the zoo in years! Love these pictures. Also, I am a huge fan of the NYC Public library!

    1. Rita, if you go, make sure you see the Comodo Dragons. We skipped that exhibit and found out in the news, the next day that the Comodo Dragons were back after so many years.

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