Violet Pride

NYU Graduation Day 2001
NYU Graduation Day 2001 with Mom and Dad

Basically since graduation, I have been out and about, traveling the world on tours with others and to support my own music.  Being an alumni, even an alum of the prestigious New York University has been almost irrelevant.

Now that I am doing much more at home, because of my new kindergartener’s need for stability, I find time to do some different things.  Goals like trying to attend church regularly, going to soup kitchens and serving, making friends with the moms of Ella’s new school buddies and last but not least, taking advantage of my dusty, old, but rightfully earned education can now become a reality.

Fortunately, this epiphany occurred just in time for NYU’s alumni weekend.  I never really considered going before, but for a couple of hours, to hear a couple of seminars, why not?  At least It’ll be nice to walk through my old stomping grounds again.  I’m actually looking forward to it!

Sometimes we overlook some wonderful resources waiting there for us!!

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